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I can’t get over how great you are to me. I still blush and smile just from the thought of you. But I guess that’s how I know I’ve got myself the right one. I’m so lucky to be yours.
And you’re so freaking attractive in every way possible. Fuck I love you so much.

I made you cum, so don’t be an asshole to me. >:(

I-haven’t-seen-you-in-forever-and-I-missed-you-so-much sex is the best sex.

I really miss our sleepovers ): it’s been too long.

Note to all men: never forget what day you’re going to see a girl. And don’t make it worse by talking about how your going to hang out with one of your bros on that day you forgot. We will hold it against you. And then don’t try to make it look like you didn’t forget.

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I want to drive right now but I have no gas and I’m too much of a wimp to get gas by myself at this time of night. #sadlyfe

Sleeping without you just doesn’t feel right.

July 4th, 2014

Another day well spent.
Drove over to LA and parked in my usual spot in the back.
Hopped into his car. I missed his driving. Sounds weird but whatevs lol.
Went to the Glendale Galleria and Americana just to walk around.
Got kbbq for lunch. Went to Nordstrom Rack to find him a wallet he’s been in need of.
After leaving there we got stuck in our parking spot for a good seven minutes because his car is too low for the slight bump behind the parking spot. Poop.
Went to target to sit on couches because we were tired af from not sleeping the night before.
We couldn’t go back to his place because he didn’t want to encounter his step mom.
So we spontaneously rented a motel room because that’s how desperate we were to sleep on a nice bed lmao.
The Indian guy giving us the key was like “hey hey let me tell you something… The adult channel is 900, the password is 7126.” In his accent and winked at Ivan hahahha. I had to walk away because it was just too funny. While we were getting settled in our room, he knocked on our door again and was like “Ahh sorry Mr. Ivan sorry if I’m disturbing you two, but don’t forget to return the key later. Sorry. Continue doing your stuff. Remember the adult channel.” Lolol.
Renting that room was totally worth it because it was so nice and air conditioned haha.
Fucked around, took a long ass nap, woke up and watched cartoons, fucked around some more, cuddled because we stay simpin.
Checked out at 11 pm and then drove around a bit.
It’s always nice when we get compliments on his car (: ahah.
Stopped by Cafe Sanjang for a super late dinner and to watch some fireworks.
And now I am back home. Happy.
Needless to say, we’re fine. Even better than before.

Hmm car sex is never as satisfying.

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Recap of my weekend.


Successful party. Tons of fun with family and friends. Drunk people taking care of drunk people. Enough said lol.


Got home at around 2 am, knocked tf out, woke up at 9:45 and my family still wasn’t home because my brothers were drunk af and knocked out at my cousin’s house.

Woke up with a massive headache, threw up a little, drank a shit ton of water, slept a little more until 10:30 and my family finally made their way home.

Gave daddy bear some presents for Father’s Day and ate some left over Portos.

Showered and got ready to visit the bf in LA. He was a buttface because he didn’t get to go to the party last night lol.

We checked out La Boulange, the new Starbucks restaurant, which ended up being one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. Reviewed it on Yelp because it sucked so much. Waited over an hour for suckish food.

Walked around LACMA a bit and relaxed in the La Brea Tar Pit lawns. Watched cute little kids run around because we’re creepers like that.

Made our way to Chinatown where the WEIRDEST thing happened. I haven’t had something that weird happen to me in a good minute ahah.

We parked and right when we turned the car off, the doors unlocked automatically as they always do, but then what happens? RIGHT WHEN WE PARK TWO BITCH ASS OLD CHINESE LADIES OPEN MY PASSENGER SIDE DOOR AND SCRAPE THE SHIT OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF MY DOOR ON THE CURB. I SCREAMED LIKE WTF MY CAR DOOR and pulled my door back but they had their hands in the way. They were speaking Chinese and Ivan was like WTH WE ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH. and he got out of the car and was like WHAT THE FUCK WHAT WAS THAT FOR. and the old ladies were like “sorry sorry! hehehe.” and scurried away giggling. BUT MY FUCKING CAR DOOR. WHO THE HELL OPENS SOMEONE’S DOOR RANDOMLY. LIKE IDC IF YOU THOUGHT I WAS SOMEONE ELSE, YOU DON’T SCRAPE PEOPLES DOORS ON SIDEWALKS AND NOT GIVE A SHIT. ugggghhhh we were so done with the world after that. 

We went to Quickly’s for milk tea, walked around Chinatown, and we had nothing else to say to each other because we were so fucking mindblown as to what happened. We saw the ladies walking around and when they passed us you could totally tell they were trying not to be noticed. We sure as hell mad dogged them until they walked past. Omfg Ivan had to lift up my poor baby’s door because that’s how stuck they got it scraping on the sidewalk. Fucking shit -_____- Srsly we drove back home quiet. The MOST what the fuck moment ever. 

Anyway, to get our minds off that we went to Vista Hermosa park, aka the LA Mountains, and chilled there enjoying the view. It was nice out and we found a hidden bench with the best view ever and shade ahah. We explored the park a little bit. It’s nice af if you make your way around.

We were getting hungry again so we drove to Little Tokyo for dinner. Ate at a udon place called Monzo. The udon gratin and udon carbonara were freaking bomb. Sex in your mouth amazing. My life was complete then.

Walked around Little Tokyo and then went back to KTown where he lives. Parked in the back garage and fucked around until I had to go home.

My weekend was overall quite interesting.

Yup. (:

"I wish we had a relationship like yours. How do you two manage?"
We’re each other’s best friends & lovers. We confide in each other. We don’t mind how the other looks when we wake up. It’s okay if we stay home and cook rather than getting dressed up to eat out. We make fun of each other. We know each other’s flaws but we accept them. We spoil each other randomly but we still split the bill after dinner. We take turns driving out to each other. 90 miles back and forth takes a toll on just one person. We match each other’s efforts. You have to balance things out. Share. Don’t be selfish. Love each other equally & be as infatuated as you were in the beginning.

Haven’t done a recap of our days in a while.

Well of course, another day well spent.

Left my house around 7:30 to get Starbucks for him and gas and then got to LA at 8:30.

Cuddled on the couch together with our Starbucks because we’re lame and watched Turbo on Netflix which was surprisingly pretty good haha. 

Went back to sleep until noon and watched itsjudyslife vlogs in bed. They’re the cutest family evaaaarrr. god.

Fucked around for a bit. He leaves me freaking sore lol. TMI.

He cooked lunch and I washed dishes. He makes pretty bomb spaghetti tho.

Ate lunch and watched Lilo & Stitch because it’s my favorite Disney movie.

Got ready to go out and left at 3:45.

Went to Chinatown, got Quickly’s, and roamed around the little shops.

Went to Barnsdall Park which had a great view of Los Angeles and then we got lost trying to find our way back home. It’s okay though, we kinda like getting lost together haha.

Found our way back and then headed to Old Town Pasadena for some shopping and dinner.

Ate at Tender Greens for the first time. Not bad, not bad.

Went back home and chilled in the car until his friends came by to meet up with him to head somewhere for a photoshoot with their cars.

I came home to my actual home.

He called me 30 minutes after I got home saying Tseng lost control and crashed their friend’s motorcycle into a wall while filming at the shoot.

He was unconscious with harsh burn marks on his arms and bleeding from the mouth.

They already called 911 and were waiting for authorities. 

I really hope he’s doing okay. I’m just waiting on an update. 

Today was a good day, but tonight will be a long night.

Keeping them in my prayers.

My mom always asks me if I’m okay. I’d tell her the truth but I don’t want her to cry.

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I don’t think he realizes how his smile makes me melt over and over again whenever I see him. 

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Sleep does not exist in the world of finals.

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